The Middle 9×14 Promo “Guess Who’s Coming To Frozen Dinner”

The Middle 9×14 “Guess Who’s Coming To Frozen Dinner” Season 9 Episode 14 Promo – Mike’s wayward brother, Rusty (Norm Macdonald), comes to town and presents Sue with an extravagant gift, which Mike thinks is stolen goods. Meanwhile, with Sue now older and living the college life, Mike feels like he’s not as close to her as he used to be and tries to figure out a way to reconnect; Axl blows the money from his first paycheck on a big screen TV and blames his spending spree on years of learning from Frankie’s lack of financial wisdom; and Brick is stumped, but delighted to discover mysterious, unmarked gifts being left at the front door of the house, on “The Middle,” Tuesday, February 6th on ABC, streaming and on demand.

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