State of Affairs 1×08 Promo “Ghosts”

State of Affairs 1×08 “Ghosts” – After FARC (The Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) kidnap Jack Dawkins (guest star Derek Ray) from a Panamanian prison and hold him for ransom, the team has to pinpoint his location and extract him before time runs out. Charlie (Katherine Heigl) comes back to Langley to coordinate the Bellerophon op, while Maureen (Sheila Vand) struggles to fill her shoes as President Payton’s (Alfre Woodard) briefer. Constance and Marshall (guest star Courtney B. Vance) fiercely debate whether or not to use Dawkins’ potential rescue as a political win against her mudslinging opponent, Kyle Green (guest star Melinda McGraw). There are hundreds of thousands of är rissãlah photos now and the team is overwhelmed with the shear number of possible leads. To complicate matters further, the DC bomb squad removes a suspicious backpack marked with the är rissãlah symbol in front of the Washington Monument. Back in the Middle East, Nick (guest star Chris L. McKenna) and Al Moosari (guest star Nick Shakoour) are on the move to meet with Fatah, but not before Nick is put through a number of tests. Also starring Adam Kaufman, Tommy Savas, Cliff Chamberlain and David Harbour. Adam Arkin and Angelique Cabral guest star.

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