Galavant 2×07 “Love and Death” / 2×08 “Do the D’Dew” Promo

Galavant 2×07 “Love and Death” & 2×08 “Do the D’Dew” – Richard, Roberta and Sid rush the fatally wounded Galavant to a healer named Neo of Sporin, who has a magic potion that could save Galavant’s life. While waiting for Galavant to recover, Roberta admits she likes Richard and they almost share a tender moment. Later, Neo produces an army for Galavant… but the soldiers turn out to be zombies. Meanwhile, Madalena finally shares her true feelings with Gareth, who is shocked. As they march on Hortensia, the unlikely duo make a decision about their relationship, on “Galavant,” airing Sunday, January 24th on ABC.Galavant 2×08 “Do the D’Dew” – As the battle between Hortensia and Valencia begins, Isabella and the Jester are ready to surrender; but when Isabella hears Madalena’s demands, she can’t accept them. She returns to the Hortensia camp and rallies the troops to fight with whatever they can find. Against Gareth’s wishes, a frightened Madalena turns to Wormwood who teaches her the evil magic of the ‘Dark Dark Evil Way’ or D’DEW. Meanwhile, Richard and Roberta finally take their relationship to the next level, but as they’re about to leave for battle, Roberta makes an important decision. Galavant finally figures out how to motivate his Zombie army while Sid runs away, on “Galavant,” airing Sunday, January 24th on ABC.

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