The Night Shift 3×10 “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” / 3×11 “Trust Issues” Promo

The Night Shift 3×10 “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” & 3×11 “Trust Issues” – TC (Eoin Macken) and Paul (Robert Bailey, Jr.) pull out all the stops when a crane collapses on a worker at a busy construction site. As Paul works tirelessness to save the crush victim, an observer falls into a deadly gravel pit. TC throws himself into the pit and races to save the patient before he’s swallowed by the shifting gravel. Back at the ER, Scott (Scott Wolf) is shaken as the teenage boy he paralyzed returns to the hospital with new complications. Jordan (Jill Flint) lends support as the emotional case exposes complicated feelings from the past. Meanwhile when a life-saving donor matches with cystic fibrosis patient, Brianna (guest star Kyla Kenedy), Drew (Brendan Fehr) determines the depth of his feelings for her. AnnaLynne McCord guest stars; Ken Leung and JR Lemon also star. The Night Shift 3×11 “Trust Issues”TC (Eoin Macken) initiates a bar brawl, landing him and Drew (Brendan Fehr) in jail for the night. While behind bars, Drew and TC’s relationship reaches a breaking point. Jordan (Jill Flint) rushes her date to the ER, where she’s shocked to learn he’s not who she thought he was. Topher (Ken Leung) fights for a patient who many doctors have dismissed. Scott (Scott Wolf) and Annie (guest star Sarah Jane Morris) struggle to save their relationship while Jessica (guest star AnnaLynne McCord) works to win back TC’s trust. Meanwhile, Syd (recurring guest star Jennifer Beals) meets Brianna (guest star Kyla Kenedy), and Rick (guest star Luke Macfarlane) visits the hospital. Robert Bailey, Jr., JR Lemon and Tanaya Beatty also star. Official website: Official Twitter page: Official Facebook page: The Night Shift playlist: The Night Shift 3×10 “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” & 3×11 “Trust Issues” Promo/Preview The Night Shift Season 3 Episode 10 & 11 Promo The Night Shift S03E10 & S03E11 Promo

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