The Family 1×02 Promo “All You See is Dark”

The Family 1×02 “All You See is Dark” – Both newly freed from their respective captivity, Adam Warren and Hank Asher find homecoming is a thing easier said than done. After meeting Adam, the reason for his incarceration, face to face, Hank grapples with a dark secret he’s been keeping for more than ten years. Meanwhile, Danny is still suspicious of Adam’s true identity, a fact he shares with Bridey, not realizing she’s a reporter. Haunted by her past and the role she played in helping to convict the wrong man in Adam’s kidnapping, a determined Nina leads a team of detectives into the woods to find the area around the elusive ‘red dragon’ where the young boy was being held by “the pock-marked man.” But the mysterious figure is one step ahead of the detectives and sets to destroy the only evidence that is left. Distracted and emotionally traumatized by her son’s shocking return, Claire tasks Willa with persuading John to participate in her campaign. Willa reveals to her father just how much she has protected him in the past and quietly threatens to expose him if he doesn’t cooperate on “The Family,” Sunday, March 6th on ABC.

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