Superman & Lois 3×11 Promo “Complications” Tyler Hoechlin superhero series

Superman & Lois 3×11 “Complications” Season 3 Episode 11 Promo – BEST LAID PLANS – Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) helps Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) prepare for a procedure but must leave the boys with her to help John Henry (Wole Parks) and General Lane (Dylan Walsh) track down the Mannheims. Meanwhile, John Henry and Nat (Tayler Buck) butt heads over her desire to help Matteo (guest star Spence Moore II) and Bruno’s (Chad Coleman) plans go awry as Peia (guest star Daya Vaida) condition worsens. Story by Brent Fletcher & Todd Helbing and teleplay by Katie Aldrin & George Kitson. Jai Jamison directed the episode. (311). Original airdate 6/6/2023.

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