State of Affairs 1×04 Promo “Bang, Bang”

State of Affairs 1×04 “Bang, Bang” – Charlie (Katherine Heigl) and Nick (Chris L. McKenna) both receive a threatening text that sends Nick on an investigation to find the source once and for all. Charlie flashes back to her first interactions with Fatah (guest star Farshad Farahat) on Midnight City. Meanwhile, President Payton’s (Alfre Woodard) rival Senator Green (guest star Melinda McGraw) reveals just enough about the upcoming senatorial convoy attack report to cause her to question Charlie’s faithfulness. Charlie and team have to employ Jack Dawkins (guest star Derek Ray) to contain a smallpox contamination in Panama while avoiding detection in the country. Kurt (Cliff Chamberlain) continues to pine for Maureen (Sheila Vand) but an unexpected kindness distracts her from his attentions. Adam Kaufman, Tommy Savas and David Harbour also star. Guest starring Nestor Carbonell, Courtney B. Vance and James Remar.

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