Splitting Up Together 2×03 Promo “Freaks and Creaks” Jenna Fischer comedy series

Splitting Up Together 2×03 “Freaks and Creaks” Season 2 Episode 3 Promo – Lena decides to call Martin’s bluff on selling the house but is surprised when he actually begins making necessary repairs to get the house ready to be sold. The realtor, Jeannie (guest star Angela Kinsey) sends over Vlad (guest star Costa Ronin), a contractor, to deal with the structural issues she discovered in the house. Meanwhile, upset that Mae is not enjoying her sophomore year of high school, Lena invites Emma-Rebecca (guest star Milly Shapiro, “Hereditary”), Mae’s friend from camp, to visit; yet she seemingly brings a trail of bizarre and supernatural events along with her. Elsewhere, Maya finally tells Frank she is pregnant and is surprised by his reaction, on ABC’s “Splitting Up Together,” Tuesday, October 30th on ABC, streaming and on demand.

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