Sleepy Hollow 2×06 Promo “And the Abyss Gazes Back”

Sleepy Hollow 2×06 “And the Abyss Gazes Back” – Ichabod and Abbie seek distraction by going to a local pub where they find Joe Corbin, son of the late Sheriff. A recently discharged veteran, Joe seems a far cry from the boy Abbie used to babysit for. Later that night, when Mills and Crane respond to a call about a disturbance in the woods, they discover Joe and his friends have been attacked by what appears to be a gruesome wolf-like creature, and Joe, the sole survivor, seems relatively uninjured despite the brutal killing of his friends. As the Two Witnesses search for answers, they uncover Joe’s military record which reveals similarities between the previous night’s attack and the events surrounding the deaths of those in his platoon. Following additional research, the pair learns of the existence of a cursed, werewolf-like creature of Indian legend known as the “Wendigo.” They also surmise that Joe – albeit unbeknown to him – is in fact this same fierce creature. Trying to figure out how Joe became cursed, who was responsible for it, and how the curse can be undone, requires the help once again of Nick Hawley, and leads Abbie and Ichabod back to an all-too-familiar foe. Time also becomes a factor when the pair learns that – according to the curse – the fourth time Joe transforms into the Wendigo, the transformation becomes permanent… and he has already undergone the change three times before.

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