Rosewood 1×13 Promo “Ballistics & BFFs”

Rosewood 1×13 “Ballistics & BFFs” – Rosewood’s partnership with Villa faces an uncertain future when she’s paired with a recent transfer to the East Miami PD, with whom she shares a past. As Villa and her new partner investigate the death of a suburban dentist who ran a yuppie drug ring, Rosewood can’t shake the feeling that his “replacement” knows more about the victim’s narcotics business than he’s letting on. Meanwhile, a new medical examiner, Dr. Anita Eubanks (guest star Sherri Shepherd), is brought in to help with the investigation and Hornstock’s insecurities hinder his ability to handle the public relations side of the case, forcing him to turn to an unlikely source for help in the all-new “Ballistics & BFFs” episode airing Wednesday, March 16th on FOX.

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