Recovery Road Episode 6 “Heaven Backwards” Promo

Recovery Road 1×06 “Heaven Backwards” – When one of her housemates faces a crisis, Maddie learns the hard way that sobriety is about the choices we make, not just staying drug-free, on an all-new episode of “Recovery Road,” airing Monday, February 29th on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. In the episode “Heaven Backwards,” which unfolds in real time, Maddie is at a loss with how to help when Trish faces a crisis. But Maddie’s good intentions may have a devastating effect on her roommate. Wes is struggling with a secret, which is compounded by the chaos happening in the house. Cynthia bonds with Craig, while Charlotte reaches out to Margarita for insight involving Maddie. And a disturbing truth comes to light at Springtime Meadows. Flashbacks highlight Wes’ frenetic childhood, which may have set him on his current path.

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