Of Kings and Prophets 1×03 Promo “Lest I Sleep The Sleep of Death”

Of Kings and Prophets 1×03 “Lest I Sleep The Sleep of Death” – King Achish has been using his fierce general, Goliath, to demoralize King Saul’s depleted and outnumbered army of soldiers. Saul sends his son Ishbaal to fight Goliath, but when that yields disastrous results, Saul offers any man who beats Goliath a bounty and the hand of his daughter in marriage. Everyone is shocked when David volunteers to fight Goliath with his slingshot in the Valley of Elah. Despite everyone’s pleas, Michal escapes Gibeah, believing her place is by her father’s side at the battlefield. Meanwhile, Rizpah’s true origins are revealed, and David’s older brother, Eliab, inadvertently helps David realize his destiny, on “Of Kings and Prophets,” airing Tuesday, March 22nd on ABC.

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