Manifest 3×05 “Water Landing” / 3×06 “Graveyard Spiral” Promo

Manifest 3×05 “Water Landing” & 3×06 “Graveyard Spiral” Promo – Michaela’s premonition leads her to pursue a fugitive. Ben tries to gain the trust of an unlikely ally. Olive’s relationship with Levi leads to a fascinating discovery. Jared and Drea uncover devastating secrets. Saanvi finds herself faced with a dilemma that may jeopardize the Eureka project. Manifest 3×06 “Graveyard Spiral” – As Mick and Zeke finally collide with Jace in a grueling match to survive, Ben races against the clock to save his family. When they all converge in an intense battle, the fallout will reveal a massive new clue regarding the fate of Passengers.

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