Ironside (NBC) “His Town, His Rules” Promo

In the gritty world of the NYPD, no one’s tougher than Detective Robert Ironside. He’s a fearless cop who won’t stop until the guilty are brought to justice. He and his trusted, handpicked team of specialists will do whatever it takes to solve New York’s most difficult and notorious crimes – even if it means breaking the rules. Official website: Official Facebook Page: Official Twitter Page: Ironside 1×01 Promo/Preview “Pilot” Ironside Season 1 Episode 1 Promo Ironside 1×01 Promo “Pilot” (HD) Ironside 1×01, Ironside 1×01 Promo, Ironside 1×01 Preview, Ironside 1×01 Trailer, televisionpromosdb, Ironside S01E01 Promo, Ironside, Season 1, Episode 01, televisionpromosdb, NBC, Pilot, Promo, Preview

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