Designated Survivor 2×11 Promo #2 “Grief” Season 2 Episode 11 Promo #2

Designated Survivor 2×11 “Grief” Season 2 Episode 11 Promo #2 – It’s been ten weeks since his wife, Alex, was killed in a car accident; and President Kirkman’s senior staff insist he seek professional help in dealing with his loss, forcing him to reluctantly see therapist Dr. Adam Louden (Timothy Busfield). Meanwhile, FBI Agent Hannah Wells and Aaron Shore travel to Cuba as part of a trade delegation, but the trip does not go according to plan. With lives in the balance, Kirkman is challenged with a decision that will test his role as commander in chief during this time of personal tragedy, on the midseason return of ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” Wednesday, February 28th on ABC, streaming and on demand.

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