Containment 1×13 Extended Promo “Path To Paradise” Series Finale

Containment 1×13 “Path To Paradise” (Series Finale) Extended Promo – With only one shot to take Dr. Lommers (Claudia Black) down for good, Lex (David Gyasi) carefully plans his next steps. Jana (Christina Moses), Suzy (guest star Nadine Lewington), Teresa (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) and Xander (guest star Demetrius Bridges) make their dangerous escape out of the cordon, but unexpected road blocks threaten to destroy their chance of making it home. Inside the cordon, Dr. Cannerts (George Young) and Jake (Chris Wood) make a breakthrough discovery following a risky experimental treatment. Finally, with time running out, Lex is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever. Trevor St. John also stars. Charles Beeson directed the episode written by Matt Corman & Chris Ord (#113). Original airdate 7/19/2016.

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