Containment 1×09 Extended Promo “A Kingdom Divided Amongst Itself”

Containment 1×09 “A Kingdom Divided Amongst Itself” Extended Promo – As tensions reach a fever pitch inside the cordon, mobs of angry protestors take to the streets in an attempt to break free. Meanwhile, stuck in isolation and cut off from their chain of command, Lex (David Gyasi) and Dr. Lommers (Claudia Black) have no choice but to stand by helplessly as the cordon erupts into mass chaos. At the hospital, Jake (Chris Wood) attempts to lighten the mood by taking Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) on a date, but their happiness is short-lived after they discover that several of Katie’s students have gone missing. Meanwhile, with Lex nowhere to be found, Leo (Trevor St. John) moves forward with their investigation, inching one step closer to uncovering the person responsible for the outbreak. Christina Moses and Hanna Mangan Lawrence also star. Lance Anderson directed the episode written by Michael Jones-Morales (#109). Original airdate 6/21/2016.

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