Baby Daddy 6×03 Sneak Peek “Ben Rides A Unicorn”

Baby Daddy 6×03 “Ben Rides A Unicorn” Season 6 Episode 3 Sneak Peek – When Ben believes he finally has found a no-strings-attached hookup buddy, Riley attempts to prove to him he’s sorely mistaken; meanwhile, Danny ends up in a professional wrestling match, in an all-new episode of “Baby Daddy,” airing Monday, March 27th, on Freeform. In the episode “Ben Rides a Unicorn,” now that Danny has moved in with Riley, Emma gets her own room, and Ben realizes he can finally have sex in his room again. When Ben finds a woman he believes is a “unicorn” when it comes to sex with no feelings, Riley tries to convince Ben that no girl is really interested in only casual sex – there are always emotions involved; however, Ben is convinced he can handle it. Danny runs into an old friend who is a professional wrestler now and winds up in a wrestling match, only to learn his mom Bonnie might have a past with him as well.

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