Baby Daddy 5×20 Sneak Peek #2 “My Fair Emma” Season Finale

Baby Daddy 5×20 “My Fair Emma” (Season Finale) Sneak Peek #2 – As things are rapidly changing, the group must decide what’s next for them individually and together, on the summer finale of Baby Daddy, airing Wednesday, August 3rd, on Freeform. In the episode ‘My Fair Emma,’ Ben forgets Emma’s birthday and attempts to combine her birthday party with a beer stand at the neighborhood street fair, but doing both at the same time proves rather difficult. Danny and Riley come to a crossroads when they are both offered new career opportunities. Bonnie and Brad must decide how to move forward once Brad returns home from his spiritual quest with a new outlook on life. Tucker cannot seem to get anyone’s attention as he processes through some exciting news of his own.

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