All American: Homecoming 2×10 Promo “Dance with My Father”

All American: Homecoming 2×10 “Dance with My Father” Season 2 Episode 10 Promo – GIVE AND TAKE – With Simone and Thea both ready to reclaim their spot on the court, their coach and teammates force them to deal with the lingering tension in unique ways. Damon helps JR celebrate a major milestone, but a surprise guest gives them both a different view on the family dynamic. Trying to get back on the good side of her dance class puts Keisha at odds with two people she cares about. Meanwhile, Coach Marcus is put in a difficult position when his boss and Amara want different things. Leon Lozano directed the episode written by Marqui Jackson & Lamont Magee (210). Original airdate 2/6/2023.

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